BFS 116: Daryl Hill | What High Performing Entrepreneurs Know For Sure

Wed Feb 03 2016 (33:57)

Daryl Hill is a U.S. Naval Academy Graduate, a Marine, and a Coach of Elite Entrepreneurs. He served multiple tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. Not only do we call Daryl our coach, but also a friend and mentor. We are excited to be able to bring Daryl to our airwaves. The interview is only 33 minutes long, so consider yourself lucky, because both Patty and myself have been on coaching calls with Daryl that lasted 5 hours! We will definitely be having him back on the show. Enjoy!

In this Episode:


  • How your subconscious mind is hurting or helping you
  • Why you need to go past the line
  • You have to get comfortable being uncomfortable
  • Failure is not failure, failure is feedback
  • To make a difference you have to give of yourself
  • You have to do whatever it takes to get your mind right
  • Honor, courage, and commitment
  • Hear what a sheepdog is
  • Stay away from the wolves
  • How important to write your goals and put them in the future
  • How to create a mindset shift
  • Read more books, listen to more programs
  • Why small incremental daily improvements will make the biggest difference
  • Hear many other stories of true grit and determination




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