BFS 112: Curt Maly | The Best Success Secrets for Entrepreneurs

Wed Jan 20 2016 (41:57)

112: Curt Maly

Curt has always had a knack for sales. His first job at age 15 was as a Telemarketer selling subscriptions renewals from a call center located in Yutan, Nebraska. During Curt’s days in Corporate America, he has worked in a consulting capacity with the likes of Apple, Microsoft, the United States Postal Service, and the National Rifle Association, as well as a handful of other large and small clients you may or may not know. Regardless of the client, the outcomes of his efforts were always the same: creating a process utilizing the latest technologies in order to increase sales to surpass client’s expectations.


In this episode:

  • Learn what Curt’s “PHD” came from
  • Learn what the N.F.L. was for Curt
  • Hear some basic fundamentals to getting ahead
  • When you know you can perform, many doors will open for you
  • Hear a great Pablo Picasso Story that will make you think
  • Learn what I.B.R is and how it can help your business
  • When you test and validate using questions you will find out the intention that your clients are after
  • Hear how an apple cobbler pie can help your business
  • Find out how to simplify Facebook Ads
  • When you are consistent, success is around the corner
  • Don’t worry for 6 months when it will only take you 15 minutes to implement
  • Figure out how to create your own avatar and how to communicate with them
  • Why you have to be congruent with your messaging
  • Treat your business like a business and not a hobby
  • Learn the technique on how to have a successful Ad Campaign on Facebook
  • Learn what to look for when placing a Facebook Ad
  • Learn what Curt says to someone when he wants to get their attention
  • Learn how to break even on your ad spend in the first 30 days



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