BFS 108: Kristian Cotta | How to Hustle and Win as an Entrepreneur

Wed Jan 06 2016 (38:34)

Kristian Cotta is the host of the Healthy Success podcast and his goal is to assist you with creating solutions by taking action and giving you tools that you can immediately use to improve your mind and business. Kristian is proof that the rules of business are made to be broken. He is Raw He’s Real and he will help you with your business skills, by shedding BS excuses and have fun creating Healthy Success in your life so you can TAKE ACTION to CREATE RESULTS.

In this episode:


  • How to catapult your career
  • How to get unstuck
  • Why you need to put in the study hours
  • Learn how a metaphor of “life is a puzzle” helped Kristian level up
  • Find out how to find the missing pieces to help your business
  • Why seeing the big picture will help you with the little stuff that will catapult your success
  • Why the “bedroom” to the “boardroom” can be a killer or a propeller
  • Learn what an online funnel is and how you can make money from it
  • Find out the key skill for early entrepreneurs
  • Hear a learning curve story that cost Kristian thousands of dollars
  • Learn when you should slow down, to speed up
  • How to steer clear of the one-hit wonder syndrome
  • Success leaves clues - see where you can learn from it