BFS 106 : Chris Thompson CEO of truBrain | The Early Psychology of Start-Ups for Success

Wed Dec 30 2015 (37:00)

Chris founded truBrain to help people "get out of the office" by being more productive and efficient. He is passionate about quantified-self and collaborates with a great team of Neuroscientists to measure and optimize productivity. Prior to truBrain, Chris set up a social commerce platform as the Entrepreneur in Residence for Centoria, after a brand management role at Unilever for Hellmann's/BestFoods and Suave. Before Unilever, Chris managed consulting engagements for F500 consumer products clients including Wrigley’s, Nokia, and Pfizer. Chris has an MBA from Duke and a BA in Economics from Georgetown, where he played tennis in the Big East Conference.


In this episode:


  • Why following the herd can be a good idea and how it can be a bad idea
  • Learn to de-risk any opportunity
  • Why a wealth circle is so important
  • How to identify the business model for you
  • How you can quantify brain waves to your benefit
  • Why entrepreneurs have to be resourceful
  • Which traits to look for in entrepreneurs
  • Why disrupting structures can be your best friend
  • You can’t scale yourself
  • Letting go of control is hard - hear how you can combat your fear
  • Early psychology of an entrepreneur is crucial to your success
  • How to build your early culture  
  • How to scale your culture
  • You have to be a warrior on the psychology front
  • When you prove your worth your responsibilities grow and so does your income
  • Learn how you are depleting resources in your brain
  • Learn how to block out other stimulus



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