BFS 104: Kris Cantu | Beast Mode : The Power of Conviction

Wed Dec 23 2015 (36:12)

Kris Cantu is born and raised in San Antonio TX and served four years in the U.S. Air Force shortly after graduating high school. He moved to Silicon Valley for the dot-com boom and recently moved back to Austin, TX after spending 11 years working for 2 video start-ups and running his own video production company in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Kris now focuses on his online coaching business "BeastMode30" which shows men how to naturally increase their testosterone.  Find out more at

In this episode:


  • Learn how to transition out of your current job
  • Use what you are passionate about
  • When you realize you can do it on your own - your world opens up
  • Learn the benefits of cold showers
  • Why trial and error can be your friend
  • Hear some secrets on how you can higher your testosterone
  • Learn how to turn the switch “ON”
  • When you get into action - you create momentum
  • Keep fighting the fight
  • Use discipline to your benefit



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