BFS 102: Ben Settle | How To Create Demand for Your Expertise

Wed Dec 16 2015 (37:50)

102: Ben Settle |

Ben Settle is a diehard marketer, author and self described antipreneur. Love him, hate him or leave him... his controversial perspectives on business, marketing and the inner game of success will entertain, offend or piss you off -- guaranteed, or your money back. Listener discretion is advised.


In this Episode:


  • Find out why Ben knew we did our homework
  • Patty felt that Ben was offensive when she first started listening to his podcast
  • Hear Ben’s philosophy on “moving the free line” strategy
  • Why you need to be “garlic to a vampire” in some cases
  • How Ben started his entrepreneurial career and why
  • Hear the story of why Ben lived in his office and how he covered it up
  • Why you have to read books more than once
  • Pitch your products so your audience likes it
  • What Ben did to learn copywriting
  • Why it is important to become a student of whatever you want to learn
  • Learn the power of focus and how you can apply what you learn
  • Learn the fundamentals
  • Know what you are worth
  • You don’t have to be everybody’s cup of tea
  • You have to specialize
  • Find out Ben’s ballysiest move as an entrepreneur
  • Learn a hollywood director’s formula that can help you with your business
  • When you are good - the math is on your side
  • Always focus on the fundamentals
  • Screw being a perfectionist - you want to be a greatist
  • You can apply what you learn in multiple areas
  • When you think like an investor while purchasing products to enhance your business - you have a better outlook for success
  • When you are the expert you should have something to say everyday
  • Find what works for you and do it consistently
  • If you want to be a copywriter - learn Ben’s best advice for you
  • Learn the best technique to sell
  • Find out why you don’t break the chain