BFS 088: Jonathan Rivera | From Blue Collar Worker to Living the 4 Hour Work Week

Wed Oct 28 2015 (34:34)

088: Jonathan Rivera


Fresh out of high school he got a job as an Electrician's Apprentice working at the GM Test Track in Disney's Epcot Center.

after 9 years, he left his blue collar job to pursue his dream of making it "BIG" in the real estate game.

He became an investor and landlord and then started flipping properties for big fat paychecks.

On July 4th 2013 he launched the Making Agents Rich show with his friend Darin Persinger.

Within a month it was a top 10 rated show on iTunes, and within a year it was a profitable business earning him a living.

Jonathan is now the executive producer of “The Podcast Factory” a successful network of podcasts where he helps aspiring podcasters launch their show, get traffic, opt-ins, and sales.


In this episode:

  • Why Jonathan’s parents told him to get a trade
  • How Howard Stern helped Jonathan with his long commute
  • 9 years of working with “bossholes” was motivating
  • How Jonathan fired his boss and started living the 4 hour work week - Hint: it is not what you think
  • The normal part of life is failing
  • Why it was important to learn selling of real estate before investing in real estate
  • Why he went from rental properties to flipping houses
  • Having a mentor is about asking for one
  • Learn what Jonathan’s first info marketing product and how it changed his life
  • The reason for his evolution was investing in himself
  • Learn what small investments you can make to become boss free
  • Hear a story that was a major setback that pushed Jonathan to the brink
  • Being Boss Free is a roller coaster game
  • Take failure as data to improve moving forward
  • Don’t take business personally - but use the lesson
  • How can you keep building towards progress
  • Learning investment strategies is great, but you need to learn business as a whole to be a true entrepreneur
  • Learn the power of podcasts
  • Hear one of the best quotes we have heard on this show around the 18:00 mark
  • Learn about the Podcast Factory
  • Why learning to listen is such an invaluable skill
  • Get in the habit of consistent action



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