BFS 087 - MM, How To Combat A Sh*tty Day

Mon Oct 26 2015 (03:41)

087: How to combat a shitty day


Motivation Monday has become one of our favorite ways to start the week. Today we give kudos to the great Ray Higdon and use one of his stories to challenge you to right the course of a bad day. Bad days are inevitable, how we choose to respond to them, is entirely our choice. We wanted to share some stories and some tips on how you can flip the script on your bad day!


In this episode:


  • When you are in the middle of a breakdown a breakthrough is right around the corner
  • You get what you expect
  • Don’t give the bad things power
  • When you give them power - they can snowball and it can turn a bad day into a shitty week very quick
  • You must stand guard at the doorway of your mind



Ray Higdon Episode 20