BFS 085: Motivation Monday | Get Motivated With The Masters

Mon Oct 19 2015 (03:45)

Get Motivated with the Masters


In today’s Motivation Monday, we cover the gift that so many Masters have left us


Stay motivated with the Masters, no… not Golf.


Read their Books


Listen to their podcasts


Listen to those old CD’s


Attend live events


Stay motivated to achiever your goals


Here are just a few of our favorites:


Also, what are some skills that you are honing in on?


Patty is focusing on copywriting right now… one of her favorite sites is Copy Chief and other copy masters like Dan Kennedy


Live Events are great to connect with not only like minded people, but also for collaborations.


What are the different ways that you are staying motivated with the Masters?


We want to know… connect with us here or on our Social Media channels.


Have an incredible week!