BFS 081: Tips for When You Are Ready to Quit Your Job

Fri Oct 09 2015 (22:57)

BFS 081:  Tips For When You Are Ready to Quit Your Job

Patty Dominguez is a recovering Corporate America exec from Chicago, IL

After being laid off from her lucrative consulting position in late 2008, she struggled with the idea of trading her time for money again. She would literally feel sick to her stomach on Sunday nights waiting for the inevitable Monday morning blues to set in as she struggled to find purpose and fulfillment in the work that she was doing.

She was committed to finding a way out of her situation.  


This episode is all about that journey!


In this episode:


  • Ever since Patty was a kid - she had the entrepreneurial spirit
  • Hear the name Patty had for her ad agency when she was a teenager
  • Want to be Boss Free? Patty gives her number one piece of advice
  • Find out the one thing in a corporate atmosphere that led Patty to walk away
  • What was the side hustle that gave Patty an inkling of hope to do her own thing
  • Learn Patty’s exit strategy from corporate
  • How Patty took her corporate skills to the marketplace for herself
  • Right coaching and mentorship is vital
  • Why Patty doesn’t carry business cards at networking events
  • Pay attention to the caliber of people that attend these networking events
  • Invest in yourself