BFS 080: Jason Treu| How to get Unstuck and Lead

Wed Oct 07 2015 (34:11)

Jason is a top business and executive coach. He's a leading expert on human behavior, influence, sales, networking and leadership. At the heart of his strategy is the understanding that people and your relationships are your true "wealth." Everything we accomplish in life is with or through other people.


He works with experts, entrepreneurs and executives to help them get known and stand out by building key skill sets and right relationships, creating their brand platform and purpose (including helping them get to the next stage in their business/career), and improving their business strategies/processes.


  • Find out the one question that Jason asked over 30 lawyers that proved to him that this profession was not for him
  • How working with Steve Jobs taught Jason some marketing lessons
  • Why having a side hustle helped give Jason the confidence to leave his job
  • Sometimes we have to fall flat on our face to figure out the next step
  • The more uncertainty you can live with the more success is possible for you - but you can’t just jump into it, you have to be able to live in it first
  • Most people stay stuck in a loop - Jason shares the gateway to your personal power
  • When people don’t have a trusted person to share with - people stay silent which keeps them stuck
  • Jason has a process to get people unstuck
  • Most people start their patterns before their age of 10
  • Humans can’t see their own blind spots - we are not wired that way
  • Jason has developed a pattern and process to dig deep into your issues
  • You can’t give what you don’t have
  • You have to develop emotional skills to be a leader
  • Vulnerability and leadership is a way to transform an organization
  • Lead with generosity and authenticity
  • Your life experience boils down to two things - learn those two things
  • Learn the question that Jason asks to connect with almost anyone
  • Learn the three things that are crucial when collaborating with others
  • Find out the two places that social influencers spend the most time and how you can start a relationship with them
  • Find out the number one social skill set that will transform your life
  • Jason explains this business skill that has zero downside



Jason Treu - Website


Social Wealth - Book