BFS 079 - Motivation Monday | Creating An Alter Ego

Mon Oct 05 2015 (02:59)

Why Creating an Alter Ego is a Powerful Tool


Today’s Motivation Monday has to do with creating an alter ego

Creating a “Second Self” to empower you, defining the Beast inside of you…

Thank you Andy Murphy to teaching the idea of “Best Version of Yourself”


How would she/he act?

Much like Beyonce has her alter ego, called Sasha Fierce

Bet you never thought there would be a lesson in Beyonce’s alter ego.

Name your alter Ego

Special shout out to Clint Vanderpool - and his global project.  This alter ego is a bad ass.

The lesson today is all about creating that alter ego.

Your Alter Ego can be very empowering during those challenging times to help get your through your fear.

Who is your alter ego?


Let us know!