BFS 078: HSSS | Moving Business from Offline to Online

Fri Oct 02 2015 (24:07)

A very special edition of the Boss Free Society Podcast - where we feature Tim Wambach’s business model with Handicap This Productions and how he has evolved. Tim has been speaking and performing for over 5 years as his main source of income. However, if Tim was not traveling, driving 6-10 hours, or getting on a plane, he was not making money. Add in the fact that Tim’s business partner uses a wheelchair and has limited mobility. Travel is hard enough for able-bodied individuals - it is immensely harder when you use a wheelchair. Instead of continuing to put Mike in peril, they decided to make something different happen!

In this episode:


  • Hear the story from when Tim was 10 years old that led him to becoming Boss Free
  • Learn Tim’s “broken” business model (performing and speaking)
  • Hear the message behind what Handicap This is all about
  • Patty and Tim go off the script and start talking about their love of baseball
  • Tim introduces his new business model with a heart-warming story
  • If you aren’t growing you are dying - your business must evolve
  • Learn the process of how to take a business offline to online
  • Tim created very specific sales funnels - for very different reasons
  • Yes you can profit from a passion project
  • When you scale your business and leverage your time - anything is possible
  • Technology is changing business - change with it
  • Make money while you sleep



Handicap This Digital Product


Middle Schools


High Schools


Example of Funnel for Teachers


Example of Funnel for Parents


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