BFS 077: Josh Felber | Lessons from a Millionaire on Courage

Wed Sep 30 2015 (35:58)

Josh Felber is focused on challenging himself and those around him to consistent excellence. Blessed with the heart of an athlete, mind of a leader and an entrepreneurial spirit, he is not only effective in his approach to business, but also extremely gifted in motivating people to achieve their own goals. His intense drive and dedication to succeed has laid the foundation for his innovative approach to leadership.


Since beginning his first business as a computer dealer at the age of 14, the seed of entrepreneurship was planted and long-term success was destined to follow. While still in his teens, Josh started Merchant Financial Services, which became one of the largest entities in that industry. He led the company to generate annual transactions of over $5 Billion.


Josh has launched a functional nutritional company  to design, make and sell extraordinary supplements. Additionally he owns the Business Growth Accelerator to assist new or existing Entrepreneurs launch and create massive action within their business, through online courses and mentorship-coaching.


In this episode:


  • How to stay focused and avoid the “bright shiny object syndrome”
  • Learn about how courage, energy, and influence can impact our lives
  • Find out the secret attributes of the highly successful
  • How your 3 success words can propel you to overcome any obstacle
  • Hear the story of a 7-year old and a unique pet business
  • What is calculated risk
  • You can’t be afraid to connect
  • You have to invest in yourself
  • Become educated - position yourself as the expert
  • Get some high level productivity tips
  • Why entrepreneurs need to think outside the box
  • Sometimes trial and error will help you find your best routine
  • Why structure is so important
  • You don’t have to have a team to start  
  • When you love what you do and have priorities in place - you can move mountains
  • When you have a strong plan it gives you an easier time to be flexibility
  • Entrepreneurs need to know who they really are and what they are passionate about
  • The phrase “I am” is a powerful phrase to start using
  • Don’t let the digital distractions ruin your day