BFS 075: He Said She Said | 12 Commandments of Baseball to Apply in Business

Fri Sep 25 2015 (17:39)

This episode was inspired by the book “Marketing Your Dreams - Business and Life Lessons from Bill Veeck” - Pat Williams

12 Commandments of Baseball to Apply in Business 

This episode is all about what baseball can teach you about business. 

Bill Veeck was baseball’s marketing genius, he promoted the game like no other person before him or since. If you would like to read more about Bill checkout his book, “Veeck as in Wreck”.

We dive into Bill’s 12 Commandments and take a look at how they can be used today. We know that there are not too many of you, who own your own baseball team, but we do know that a good many of you, have businesses, are looking to get into business, and want to learn more about marketing and promotion. This episode is for you and if you are a sports fan, well that is just an added bonus! Bill Veeck owned the St. Louis Browns, Cleveland Indians, and the Chicago White Sox (twice). Learn all about Veeck’s confidence and courage and his willingness to take risks!


In this episode:


  • Why your attitude is the most important piece of your business life
  • Why you should take your business more seriously than yourself
  • Why developing an alter-ego is so important
  • Learn the power of teamwork
  • See why Bill Veeck was ahead of his time in many aspects of life
  • Why you should live by your philosophy
  • Find out the one trait that Patty completely disagrees with Mr. Veeck
  • When is the best time to listen
  • Why you should stop and smell the roses
  • How to create buzz and how a baseball genius can help your business
  • If you aren’t having fun - don’t continue to do it
  • Have a sense of humor
  • Discover how Veeck was able to deal with so many different types of people



How to be like Jackie Robinson - Pat Williams

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