BFS 074: Jeff Ignatowski | How To Build Your Dream Life

Wed Sep 23 2015 (46:05)

Retired professional mma fighter, current obstacle course racer and endurance athlete, national presenter for SCW Mania, presenter for the Women's Fitness Association, group fitness coordinator at crunch fitness, group fitness instructor at university of Cincinnati, certified yoga teacher, master mma conditioning coach, and owner of Warrior Vacations a destination retreat center.

In this week's episode:

  • Why focus is so important
  • Learn about the "Burning Boats" strategy
  • No one is going to give it to you
  • Contribution is the key to growing
  • How the fall of the economy helped Jeff find another path to money
  • How having a mentor can help accelerate your success
  • How you can get the attention of a potential mentor
  • When you combine networking with preparedness - magic can happen
  • When you reach out - think how you can bring value
  • You have to put the first foot forward
  • When you understand the law of attraction - you give without expectation
  • Jeff combined Fitness, mixed-martial arts, and Eco-tourism to form his business
  • Sometimes it makes sense to listen to your father-in-law (especially when it comes to Costa Rica!)
  • Having a plan and a clear vision helps bring what you need to you
  • When you open yourself up - it creates opportunities you couldn't have imagined
  • Don't let your lack of money hold you back
  • Being Flexible is Powerful
  • Figure out what you love

Resources :

Warrior Vacations - Jeff Ignatowski

Awaken the Giant Within - Tony Robbins

Success Principles - Jack Canfield

Tony Robbins Videos - YouTube