BFS 073: Motivation Monday | Focus on Constant Improvement

Mon Sep 21 2015 (03:14)

Motivation Monday - Focus On Constant Improvement


On this motivation Monday we give a big shout out to a Japanese concept, Kaizen.


Kaizen = Commit to constant and never ending Improvement


Imagine constant improvements in your business or personal life?


Over time those small tweaks, those little shifts in change everyday actually will amount to massive shifts overtime.


All it takes is little improvements like Darren Hardy, author of Compound Effect talks about.


What is one tweak that you can do in business?


What is one tweak that you can do in your personal life?


Tony Robbins also talks about the power of constant improvement, he calls it CANAI


Constant And Never Ending Improvement = CANAI


What little tweaks can you make this week?