BFS 072: HSSS | Power Tips for Networking Like a Boss

Fri Sep 18 2015 (17:40)

Networking is a skill and we all need to continue to look for ways to build this skill. Both Patty and Tim have used networking to catapult their respective businesses. You never know how close you are to that one prospect or customer that can completely change the landscape of your business. However, too many people sit on the sidelines or worse yet, they go to the event but do not actively participate in the process. In this episode Patty and Tim dive into some power tips to networking like a boss. They do everything for you, except have the conversation. That is still up to you.


In this episode:


  • Networking is critical to business growth - learn how you can do it more effectively

  • How to pinpoint the right networking opportunities

  • Why Proximity is power

  • Why having a strategy going in will help you on the way out

  • Why the law of reciprocity is key in networking

  • How to form relationships

  • How to ethically stalk your power player’s digital footprint

  • Hear why Patty doesn’t carry business cards

  • Find out how Gary Vaynerchuk brought massive value to one of his followers

  • Why scheduling your follow-ups is so important

  • How to build relationships

  • Why you need to be authentic



AJ Amyx

Roberto Candelaria


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