BFS 071: Wendy Lipton Dibner | Focus On Impact

Wed Sep 16 2015 (50:10)

Wendy Lipton-Dibner

Multiple Best-Selling Author |  Chief Difference Maker | Disruptive Thinker & Expert Business Philosopher

Wendy Lipton-Dibner is the world’s leading authority in business development through impact strategy. President of Professional Impact, INC. and founder of “Move People To Action” Wendy is internationally recognized for her unparalleled ability to help clients maximize and capitalize on the unique impact they bring to people’s lives through one-of-a-kind marketing, product and services. A multiple-time best-selling author and highly sought after keynote speaker, Wendy serves as a trusted advisor to doctors, executives, start-up entrepreneurs, and top influencers around the globe. She is the author of the new business acceleration book, Focus On Impact. The ten-step map to reach millions, make millions and enjoy your life along the way.

“When you focus on impact the money will follow!” - Wendy Lipton-Dibner

Ever wonder if you are really crazy like everyone thinks...for being an entrepreneur?


On this episode, we chat with the one and only Wendy Lipton-Dibner, truly one of the most successful business coaches and business philosophers of our time.


What an honor!

In this episode, you’ll discover:


  • How Patty met Wendy and Wendy’s question that changed Patty’s fear

  • Wendy talks about the “New Economy” and how we can capitalize on it

  • The difference between traditional business models and business that are doing things for impact

  • Wendy discusses, via her research, the factors that are either blocking or accelerating your business growth and the key points you need to know

  • Wendy talks about her “Difference Makers” movement - what to stop thinking about …

  • We hear more about Wendy’s new blockbuster book:  “Focus on Impact - the 10 Step Map to Reach Millions, Make Millions and Love Your Life along the way”

  • Discover The 10 Step Map to make millions - Wendy’s super simple proprietary formula:  step-by-step approach to reach business success

  • How to breakthrough your business road blocks

  • Learn Wendy’s formula for her measure for success… you’d be surprised!

  • Wendy reviews companies and entrepreneurs that have implemented her strategy successfully and the incredible results that they’ve had

  • Wendy’s book launch and incredible “give-aways” / bonuses  - seriously, You must get this book!!!  The bonuses are incredible!!!!

    • The Book comes with 10 different Gifts / Bonuses

    • Online Course

    • Planning Sheets

  • Wendy’s favorite theme song and how Wendy keeps her head in the game


Meet Wendy in person --- She’s going on a 10 City Book Tour in the Fall 2015 promoting local entrepreneurs  


Reviewers are calling Focus on Impact “A Critical Tool for the rapidly changing global market” With unique business strategies and practical formulas that you can’t simply afford to ignore”