BFS 069: HSSS | How To Embrace Change

Fri Sep 11 2015 (21:44)

While doing our research for this week’s episode, we saw time and time again that “change” was almost always associated with a negative outcome. As usual, we wanted to flip the script on that type of thinking. Looking at the negative side of things will never create a positive result, if all you look at is the negative. Change does not have to cause anxiety or overwhelm!

In this episode:


  • Tim tells a story about how embracing change has helped his business

  • Patty tells a story about how embracing change has helped her business

  • Be receptive to change

  • Sometimes we need thick skin while working with our mentors

  • Jack Canfield Formula - E + R = O

  • Take 100% responsibility of your life

  • Why taking on any client can be a bad idea

  • How a car accident (fender-bender) improved Tim’s marriage

  • If we are not growing, we are dying



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