BFS 068: Matt Bacak | List Building Secrets of an 8 Figure Marketer

Wed Sep 09 2015 (35:19)

BFS 068: Matt Bacak |  List Building Secrets of an 8 Figure Marketer


Over the last decade, Matt has helped over 503,372 customers unlock the secrets to making money online, creating some of the best converting & biggest game changing offers since 2001. One of his product launches broke the all-time gravity record on Clickbank... 2,086.87.

Another launch generated 14,987 NEW members in 7 days at $29.97 a month...

His lists are growing by up-to 10,978 subscribers a DAY!

He has mailed up to 4.1 million emails a day for over a year

He co-run’s the List-building club with over 17,420 members.

Recently, he had the most affiliates ever signed up for a JV Giveaway launch... 2,656.

His first book “The Ultimate Lead Generation Plan” was a #1 seller on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. He owned the fastest growing hosting company in the world.. (beating Go Daddy's growth through acquisitions)

He has appeared on Lifetime Television and his segment, "How To Make Money Using The Internet... The Real Way" was syndicated to television stations all over the United States.


In this episode:


  • You will learn from the Matt Bacak, the original man who was on the team that built the original opt-in page, sales letter, and the infamous “Buy Now” button

  • How to use laser targeted focus to get what you want

  • Find someone who has the lifestyle you want (for a period of time)

  • What entrepreneurs need to do now

  • Learn about “The Cell Phone Challenge” which is how Matt found focus to make $1million dollars in only six months

  • Find your supporters

  • How Matt’s 17 year old protege is making over $50k/month - yes per month!

  • Why Facebook may NOT be where you should be marketing

  • Don’t waste your time and money on things that are not helping you

  • The #1 thing most important for information marketers

  • How to win before you begin

  • Learn why the “10,000” subscriber list is a myth

  • How to get the right people on your list

  • It’s all about quality - not quantity with online marketing - Matt explains why

  • The #1 miss that many marketers make and what it’s costing you if you don’t focus on this much needed step in your marketing




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