BFS 067: Motivation Monday | Visualize Success

Mon Sep 07 2015 (04:30)

BFS 067: MM | Visualize Success


Visualize success. See success as if you’ve already achieved it.


What is it that you want to create in your life.


Have the sports mentality, working on the mental aspects of the winning edge.


In this episode you’ll hear a couple of stories:


A couple of successul stories of the power of visualizing:


  • Jim Nance and his roommate, they used to practice and Jim would announce his friend winning the Masters

  • Michael Jordan in the 5th Championship when he pushed beyond his flu (or was it food poisoning?) - one of his finest performances of any game

  • Visualizing success worked for them both


How Visualizing can go wrong:


  • Chicago Bulls in the 90s, the 5th Championship with Dennis Rodman and Karl Malone


What can you do this week to visualize your success.


How can you incorporate visualizing success into your daily practice.