BFS 065: Roberto Candelaria | How To Find Sponsorship for your Business

Wed Sep 02 2015 (44:43)

Roberto C. Candelaria, author of the Amazon #1 bestselling book, Relationships Raise Money: A Guide  to Corporate Sponsorship and creator of the definitive fundraising guide, Cash for Your Cause: How to Raise Five Figures in 30 Days, is President of Human Returns, a boutique consulting firm helping organizations across the globe accomplish their mission. A long-­‐time non-­‐profit veteran, Roberto learned the non-­profit and corporate sponsorship world from the ground up. After seeing first hand the impact a well-­‐run organization can have on the community, Roberto dedicated his life to teaching organizations profitability, growth, and long-­‐term sustainability.


An inspiring leader and in-­‐demand speaker, trainer and coach, Roberto has helped hundreds of leaders and organizations more effectively raise funds and execute their mission. Roberto’s products and presentations on: corporate sponsorship, online fundraising, board development & governance, and event planning & management, have made him renowned, innovative expert. As one client recently said, “If you follow his plan, success is inevitable.” Roberto has secured sponsorships for Authors, Entrepreneurs, Fitness Professionals, Speakers, Musicians, Non-Profits and more … He has created an all-new live event, Sponsorship Boot Camp, to help YOU!


In this Episode:


  • Find out why Roberto is such a die-hard Disney fan

  • The differences between DisneyLand vs. DisneyWorld (hear Roberto’s secret on both)

  • How on the job training prepares you for the next step

  • Ask yourself - what’s more important the Dream or My Ego?

  • Work on your business - not in your business

  • Make your dreams come true using OPM (Other People’s $$$)

  • How a choir trip to Disney in high school prepared Roberto for the future on how you can help your son or daughter can raise money for their club without doing the played out bake sales and car washes!

  • The power of work ethic

  • You can do anything….why not dream bigger???

  • Get the goods on what sponsorship really is (and what it isn’t)

  • Why Roberto’s gut always leads him to say ‘Yes’!

  • Learn the key component that will help you in your sponsorship efforts

  • We have all heard the quote, “It is not about the quantity, it is about the quality.” Learn why!

  • Decide and believe you are worth it!




Big Dreams Take Small Sacrifices - Book


Wealthy Sisters Network


Debbie Saviano - Social Media Strategist


Sponsorship Boot Camp - Roberto’s Boot Camp - Patty and Tim will be there - Will YOU???


@RobertoTeaches - Roberto’s Twitter

Handicap This! - Tim’s business with his friend, Mike Berkson living with cerebral palsy


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