BFS 063: HSSS | What We've Learned After 6 Months of Podcasting

Fri Aug 28 2015 (25:02)

In this episode, we cover the experiences we’ve had after 6 months of podcasting.


You’ll learn:

The good, the bad and the ugly… good times!!

  • How we started Boss Free Society  - where the name came from

  • Podcasting differences:  Since Tim has 2 different podcasts:  Handicap This and Boss Free Society

  • What’s awesome about podcasting

    • the power of social syndication for your show

  • Our Setbacks:

    • Timing

    • Delays

    • Things we didn’t know in the beginning

    • How we lost shows in the process of figuring this whole podcasting thing out

    • What held us back - and how you can prevent doing the same

  • The biggest error we made that held us back considerably --- Systems!! We talk about how we fixed it

  • Find out the systems we developed that now have our shows running very smoothly

  • When and why  we decided to do more shows

  • Our Guests and the Dream 100 List

  • What we are focused on now as we continue with Boss Free Society podcast and growing it well into 2016

Thanks for listening!~