BFS 060: Do You Have Emotional Intelligence? | He Said She Said

Fri Aug 21 2015 (15:46)

Emotional Intelligence is the latest topic we discuss on the Boss Free Society Podcast. Patty and Tim go back and forth offering their insight, as well as some stories to help you understand how you can better develop your EI muscle!


Right off the bat Patty shares an interesting story about being an employee and working for a BossHole. We know that there are many people out there that will be able to relate.


In this episode:


  • Our 6 tips for becoming more emotionally intelligent. Number 2 gives a shout-out to Austin Powers. Really? Yes. You will have to listen to find out!

  • What skill helps build emotional intelligence muscle?

  • Learn a powerful tool we took from Tony Robbins’ UPW last month

  • Jack Canfield’s formula for taking control of any situation




Tony Robbins Emotional Flood