BFS 059: Dr. Alok Trivedi | How To Develop Mental Toughness

Wed Aug 19 2015 (35:45)


Dr. Alok Trivedi is a professional speaker and consultant for Fortune 500 sales teams. As President of Mental Toughness University, he helps increase sales and retention rates through psychological performance training.  As a doctor, Alok has been captivated with mental and physical aspects of healing and performance.  He has studied the field of higher thinking and human performance since 1993.

Dr. Alok built one of the largest alternative health care clinics in the world through his non-linear methods of healing and business practices. Soon afterwards he partnered with Steve Siebold and began helping companies increase sales and performance. Some of their corporate clients include Johnson & Johnson, Proctor and Gamble, and Toyota.  He speaks globally for companies delivering keynotes and trainings.

As a doctor and entrepreneur he owns and maintains multiple businesses.  Also as a Demartini Facilitator he works with C level executives as part of his executive coaching program.

If you are a business owner or corporate sales executive looking to increase sales and performance contact Dr. Alok Trivedi.

In this episode:


Learn the effective way to use the mentee-mentor relationship


The real definition of “Mental Toughness”


Why Network Marketing is Dr. Alok’s favorite industry


How someone can improve their own mental toughness


Learn what approval addiction is and how you can beat it


Collaboration vs. Competition


Why building relationships is the key to success


How collaboration is the only way to build a team


How to stay focused

Why a pitbull attacked Dr. Alok and why he wouldn’t change a thing that led up to it


How keeping your ego in check will help you succeed


Why you should embrace the doubters


How getting angry can help your business



Tim and Dr. Alok talked about participation trophies (this was recorded before James Harrison’s rant) Check it out here : James Harrison returns kids trophies


Steve Siebold


Soar With Your Strengths - BOOK