BFS 057: 7 Tips On How To Use Periscope | He Said She Said

Fri Aug 14 2015 (18:53)

BFS 057: 7 Tips on How To Use Periscope | He Said She Said


Hello. Hello! We have a pretty cool episode today talking about one of the hottest new apps out there. We have been diving in and learning a ton. Of course we are talking about Periscope.


Did you know?


As of 8/2 Periscope has 10 million users


It took Twitter 2 years to reach 1 million


Facebook - 10 months


Instagram - 2 ½ months


Periscope - 7 Days!


What is Periscope?


It is a mobile app that streams live video. You can connect it to your Twitter account as well. Each “scope” has a shelf-life of 24 hours and then they drop off. But we share a cool tip that can help you get around this feature.


In this episode you will be getting 7 high level tips on how to use Periscope.


We jump into how you should format your “scopes”


We talk about  how to start, what to say during, how to end, and most of all how to engage your followers.


That is all….but be on the lookout for a kick-ass blog post that will dive even deeper into Periscope!