BFS 056: Henry Kaminski Jr | How to Scale your Business (&Break the Plateau)

Wed Aug 12 2015 (34:47)

BFS 056: Henry Kaminski Jr | How to Scale your Business (& Break the Plateau)


Graphic Designer | Entrepreneur | Expert Marketer | Self-Made Man

Helping businesses improve exposure & increase sales with high quality graphic design


Henry Kaminski Jr is the owner of Unique Designz LLC, which is a professional graphic design and printing firm which offers high quality graphic design for an array of marketing collaterals based in North New Jersey. We can provide the same, consistent service to any individual or business around the U.S. wishing to take advantage of our creative work and printing services.

In this episode:


Learn how Henry went from coffee-pot cleaner to entrepreneur


How believing we are living on borrowed time can help you to make the best of it


How Hurricane Sandy helped Henry change his business


The question that changed everything


Why learning from the “best” always pays the best dividends


Why asking for help can be the best thing for your business


How finding the ideal client makes business easier


The key ingredient to making it as an entrepreneur


Henry gives his secret to success


Who is in YOUR Wealth Circle


Learn on being honest with yourself about your weaknesses can lead to more money


Another secret weapon for your entrepreneurial arsenal


We are all here for a reason…...What’s YOURS?



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