053 - Jonathan Keaton | Improv Rules For Entrepreneurs

Wed Aug 05 2015 (33:59)

BFS 053 - Jonathan Keaton

Actor | Improv Master | Comedian | Instructor


Jonathan Keaton,  Chicago native and alum of the Second City National Touring Company as well as having performed with other organizations like MPAACT, I.O. Chicago, Buffalo Theatre Ensemble, The Chicago Dramatist & Pimprov (which is one of the longest running improv shows in Chicago.) He won the BTA “Harry Belafonte Award” for Best Performance in and Ensemble during his time with MPAACT. Right now you can catch him on stage in “The Power of Prom” running at the Annoyance theater & Pimprov which runs every Friday night at 10:30pm at the CIC Theater.

He has also been very fortunate to have kept busy with film & television roles in “Chicago Code”, “Chicago Fire”, “The Moleman of Belmont Avenue” & “My Name is Jerry” and is currently featured in a television commercial for Xfinity Comcast. As well as voice over (radio ads) for AT&T, McDonald’s, American Family Insurance, Coors Light.


In Today’s Show you will discover:


  • Jonathan’s background in Improv

  • What skills in Improv are translatable to Entrepreneurship

  • What improv will teach you

  • Daring to be great

  • How Improv skills will help you work with other people

  • Jonathan’s Big “success” moment

  • Where you can find Jonathan online /  offline


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