BFS 048: Why Events are so Powerful | He Said She Said

Fri Jul 24 2015 (17:55)

Why Events Are So Powerful | He Said She Said



We did something a little different in this episode. We were attending Tony Robbins’ Unleash The Power Within Seminar and we used one of the breaks to give you some takeaways right as it was happening. We even brought on a few special guests who were attending the seminar and got their input as well!


The first reason why events are so powerful is because you are immersed in the topic. You get to network with other like-minded people and you are out of your normal environment. 


In this episode you will learn:


What the foundation for breakthrough’s can be


Why getting into a peak state is so powerful 


Why focus is so important, especially during a Firewalk 


The 6 Human Needs


How to control your state 


Why creating your environment is crucial 


How keeping an open mind can be beneficial 





Chip Franks BFS Show 23


Tom Kavanaugh 


Paul Dennison 


Brain Gym 


Daryl Hill 


Unlimited Power 


Awaken The Giant Within 


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