BFS 044: Andy Broadaway | How to Crush it on YouTube

Wed Jul 15 2015 (51:17)

Andy Broadaway | YouTube Expert | Consultant | Author | Speaker



How To Crush It on YouTube 


Today we bring you Andy Broadaway -


In 2001, Andy hosted a weekly live radio show on a 50,000 watt radio station covering computer technology and other topics. He also has been a special guest on several high profile talk radio and TV shows speaking about computer technology. . he later started a computer company called "Computer Doctors Onsite".


Andy was born with a passion for computer technology and looks forward to developing specific strategies for his clients


For the past 7 years he has focused his efforts as a Strategist in business, product development, reputation management, and video production which has allowed Andy to work with A list celebrities, actors, music artists, professional athletes, and professional speakers. He personally has several YouTube channels one has over 1.8 millions views and the other has over 9.2 millions views.


Andy has been Boss Free for over 25 years



In this episode you will learn: 


How come the most viewed video isn’t the #1 video on a search


How to avoid the “make my video go viral” disease


Why you should create a strong “Call To Action” after every one of your videos


How to title your video correctly 


How to use royalty free music


Where to find royalty free music 


How to get clear on your purpose of your video 


Learn what “paid placement” is and how you can use it 


Learn multiple ways to make money on YouTube 


How to build-in commercials within your content 


How Andy uses strategic development for his YouTube clients and how you can use it for your YouTube Channel 


Find out what Disney is applying for patents and how it will be a game-changer for the amusement park industry 


What you can do to propel your business and YouTube Channel forward 


Learn how you can use the YouTube Office for free! 


Find out what videos that you can create that will help you show up in searches 





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Top 10 YouTube Mistakes - BOOK 


Tech Biz Geeks 



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