BFS 041: AJ Amyx | How To Find Leads & Promote Your Event Using Twitter

Wed Jul 08 2015 (43:16)

AJ Amyx | How To Find Leads & Promote Your Event Using Twitter


Former Rockstar | Author | Speaker | Coach | Consultant 


AJ is the creator of Tweet Like a Champion, an online course dedicated to teaching business executives, small business owners and marketing professionals how to use Twitter to market their business online to generate more leads and make more money. 


AJ is a former Rockstar, a brother, free spirit, author, speaker, coach and consultant. At his core, he just wants to help people create a business and life they love. 


In this episode:


How to stand out from the crowd


Why perceived value is so important 


How to create an experience for the end user


What the Movement Marketing Summit is all about 


Why confidence is so important


Why you should get clear on your product or service


How to go off-line before online and why that is beneficial 


Find out how AJ pulled off 50 interviews with high level entrepreneurs in 2 weeks


How to get clear on the problem you are solving 


How reverse engineering product launches can help your business


Why forcing yourself to figure it out can help build your business


Twitter is all about Relationships - find out how to use this knowledge to your advantage


Why you should commit to doing the work


Find out what worked 5 years ago on Twitter but NOW it is a BIG NO-NO (so many people still do this!)


Find out a key Twitter strategy for local businesses



Hear what AJ thinks is the key to any business


AJ Amyx on Twitter


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