BFS 039: He Said, She Said | 7 Lessons from the book: REWORK

Fri Jul 03 2015 (23:19)

In this episode you will learn:

  • Billionaire’s Marc Cuban’s perspective on REWORK vs. having an MBA

  • Seth Godin’s note of caution about REWORK

  • How we read and synthesize information we learn books

  • 37 Signals guys are the authors of the book, Rework

  • We include 7 Lessons but we literally could’ve easily done more than 5 times as many lessons, this book is that good

  • Why talking about ideas is “pathetic & delusional” if you don’t do this one thing

  • How we “scratch our own itch” when putting together the Boss Free Society podcast

  • How you can cut down the learning curve

  • When working on something, a product or service or offering you have, how to know when it’s ready and “good enough”

  • All about your best customers… and how you can provide more solutions to their problems

  • How having your own business is different from being an employee

  • Why comparing yourself to others is setting you back

  • Your tribe is waiting for you…

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