BFS 038: Mike Stanzyk | How to Manifest Abundance in Business & Life

Wed Jul 01 2015 (32:20)

Mike Stanzyk | How to Manifest Abundance in Business and Life


Facebook Expert | Internet Marketer | Facebook Guru | Enlightened 


Mike Stanzyk is a 22 year old who is wise beyond his years. We thought we would be interviewing Mike about his expert status on Facebook and what he does for his clients. As the conversation deepened so did the questions of what was really underneath Mike’s success. This episode is truly what is underneath. We talk a lot of about mindset on this show today’s guest may have taken it to another level!


In this episode you will learn:


How a 22 year old risked it all to move into his greatness


The difference between Internet Marketing and Network Marketing


Why mindset is paramount for success


How setting a goal to make $100,000 a year brought Mike his first mentor


We are Human Beings…..Not Human Havings


The secret to achieving your big goals 


Why you have to get around like minded people


Add value to the community you want to be a part of


How Faith played a big part in Mike’s big decision 


How a chance encounter with a fellow pedestrian helped Mike make a major life decision


Why you must fixate on the inner


Your Ultimate goal should be to be the highest version of yourself 


Mike realized his success by changing his inner world 


Overwhelm is the code word for procrastination 



What we can learn from the life-span of a housefly 





Think and Grow Rich


Master Keys of Success 


Science of Getting Rich


Power of Now 


Podcast - Mechanic to Millionaire


Podcast - Mindset By Design


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