BFS 036: He Said She Said | The Importance of Failing Forward

Fri Jun 26 2015 (20:59)

He Said She Said | Failures


Today in this week’s episode another edition of He Said - She Said we talk about the great topic of failures. The fear of failure is all around us. Often times it stops us from taking action. Taking action is the very thing needed to move forward. No matter how much we know - failure tends to rear its ugly head. We wanted to do a whole show on it and see how we can help!


In this episode you will learn:


The secret sauce of success


Famous Failures


Failure is Feedback


“If you want to increase your success rate, double your rate of failure.” - Tom Watson

Learn more about these Famous Failures:


Albert Einstein


Michael Jordan


Steve Jobs


Oprah Winfrey


The Beatles


You will also learn about:


Tim’s Epic Failure


Patty’s Epic Failure



Steve Jobs book -

Malcolm Gladwell Outliers

Handicap This Productions

Keep On Keeping On Foundation


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