BFS 035: Suresh May | From Broke to Seven Figure Launch One Year Later

Wed Jun 24 2015 (43:38)

Suresh May - From Broke to Seven Figure Launch One Year Later


Author | Speaker | Entrepreneur | Consultant 


Suresh helps entrepreneurs, marketers, and business owners sell high ticket products and services by leveraging the power of the internet and mobile technology. 


Suresh’s book - How to create lifetime customers: Leverage the Marketing power if the Internet and Mobile technology to quickly get new customers have them spend more money, and keep them buying forever. 


He recently consulted with and helped them achieve 1.8 million dollars in sales in 7 days, that launch went on to ultimately make 2.8 million in 8 weeks. 


All of his clients have a trackable ROI and he teaches them how to create lifetime customers. 


In this episode you will learn: 


How 19 handwritten sales using “snail mail” changed his life when he got a response in 4 days


How copying actual sales letters for over a year helped Suresh learn the psychology of selling


Success leaves clues


Learn who Suresh emulates


How to snap out of a bad belief 


How fast action helps pave the way for success


Learn the art of reciprocity 


Suresh is writing a book - “Start Broke - End Rich”


Learn Suresh’s ballets move as an entrepreneur


If you want to be an author - you have to ask yourself this question


How to write a book quickly 


Why clients clamor to work with Suresh


Parent Psychology 


What Suresh’s 5 year old son said that proved he was on the right track


Why Suresh feels like an Alien sometimes


What Suresh envisions for his future and how it can help you


Resources :


Tim Ferriss - 4 Hour Work Week


Dan Kennedy - How to make Millions with your ideas


Yanik Silver - Instant Sales Letters


Robert Collier - Letter Book


Claude Hopkins - My Life in Advertising 


Gary Halbert - The Gary Halbert Letter


Suresh on Twitter - @SureshMay


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