BFS 030: How to Get Your Office Organized | He Said She Said

Fri Jun 12 2015 (19:46)

BFS 030 - How to Get your Office Organized | He Said She Said 

In this He Said / She Said episode - you will learn six tips on how to get your business organized


You will discover:

  • If you are side hustlin’ you still want to have your office set up like a business

  • Find out how to Side Hustle - reference our show #29 with Mitch Matthews where he gives some awesome tips on how to transition out of a job

  • How to get your office set up so it inspires you to be productive

  • Some Feng Shui tips we’ve learned along the way

  • How to Best plan your day to be the most productive

  • Why documenting and calendaring is essential - the old school way… Major Tip!

  • Learn how to generate money for your business effectively

  • What you should be focusing on no matter what if you are early in your business

  • How to Set boundaries with your time

  • How routine helps

  • How not to get caught up in isolation


Books mentioned:


Other Stuff Mentioned:

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