BFS 029: Mitch Matthews | How to Be Your Own Boss

Wed Jun 10 2015 (46:51)

Mitch Matthews Interview

Keynote Speaker | Success Coach | Best-selling Author

He speaks to student, corporate, non-profit and association audiences around the world on the power of “DREAM. THINK. DO.”

In 2006, Mitch started something he called the “BIG Dream Gathering.”  Originally, it was supposed to be something his friends and family could do for a few hours to get clear on their dreams, but this simple concept became a movement that hasn’t stopped since!  Thousands of dreams have been launched as a result!

He’s become a well-respected thought leader on coaching and work-place mentoring.  Plus, he has created a coach-training program that has been utilized around the globe.

You can listen to Mitch on his popular weekly podcast called, “DREAM. THINK. DO.” on iTunes, where he inspires people around the world to dream bigger, think better and do more.

Mitch proudly lives a “highly-caffeinated” lifestyle in Des Moines, Iowa with his wife and their two sons


  • Mitch’s venture into early entrepreneurship

  • Mitch’s start as a Sales Speaker

  • What Mitch learned in Corporate that he applied to his entrepreneurial career

  • How Mitch compares having a corporate career to prostitution {ahem}

  • Hear about Mitch’s interview series called:  Dream Job Revolution - where he interviewed 100 people and the  similarities that he found

  • Do you have a SITCOM life?  Single Income Two Children Oppressive Mortgage? (clever right?)

  • How Mitch transitioned himself out of a Corporate Job into Entrepreneurship - you’d be surprised how easy it is… “A One Hour Business”

  • The Power of Systems  

  • The Big Dream Gathering - truly a movement that Mitch started

  • How Mitch inspires college students to dream and a couple of stories of how it’s created impact

  • The power of learning through trial & error

  • The Best piece of advice that Mitch ever received, he learned it from Marty at Marty’s Schwinn Cycle Shop that he’s carried throughout his life

  • Check out Mitch’s podcast:  Dream, Think, Do  


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