BFS 027: Rob Cuesta | Secrets to Consulting Success

Fri Jun 05 2015 (37:18)

Rob Cuesta


Speaker | Best-Selling Author | Entrepreneur | Consultant


Rob Cuesta is the owner of Joined-Up Marketing and HyperSuasion Consulting, and author of five Amazon best-selling books on marketing for professionals. With a client base that spans four continents and over 25 years’ experience as a speaker, consultant and marketer, Rob has worked with some of the largest organisations in the world and some of the smallest.



WARNING: working with Rob may expose you to revolutionary ideas, untapped revenue streams and extreme profitability. You have been warned!


In this episode you will discover:


  • How Rob found himself $170,000 in debt and how he turned it around


  • The critical mistakes most entrepreneur’s make


  • How Joint Ventures propelled Rob’s business


  • What the value of a Coach or Mentor is


  • Sometimes luck helps you find your path


  • Entrepreneurship - YOU CAN’T DO IT ALONE


  • Learn the difference between self-employed and owning a business


  • How making tea helped Rob realize he was doing things all wrong


  • Learn the phrase - Reassuredly expensive 


  • How to charge what you are worth


  • Why being open to changing who you are selling to can pay HUGE dividends 


  • How to find premium clients


  • If you are making the transition from employee to boss free - read this book!


  • How to use a book you haven’t written yet to get in front of your perfect clients



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There's Money in this Book

Secrets of a Six-Figure Expert

More Clients, More Money, More Fun




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