BFS 025: How to Find Your Passion | He Said She Said

Fri May 29 2015 (19:44)

He Said She Said | How to Find Your Passion

In this episode discover:

  • The seven Questions to ask yourself to find out how to find your passion

  • We give some examples of people’s living their passion - even a guy who loves to jump and created a business out of it

  • Figuring out what makes you happy?  What lights you up?  We give you some tips to find that easier

  • Can you monetize your hobby?

  • How to tap into your creativity

  • How to find out what your super power is?

  • Find out what Tim’s super power is… since a little kid  :)

  • How to find your niche --

  • We mentioned Ron Gelok’s episode (BFS Episode #8) - check it out here

  • and more ideas on how to find your passion…

Links mentioned:   > The guy who loves to jump:   > Patty’s go to to find authentic recipes:   (in Spanish only, so brush up on your Spanish skills peeps - lol) > Michelle Phan - the make up You Tube sensation:  > Bronies on Wikipedia and their conference:  BronyCon  (see!  it’s real!)

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