BFS 023: Chip Franks | Finding Greater Purpose with

Fri May 22 2015 (33:48)

Chip Franks 


Real Estate Investor | Author | Philanthropist 


They say everything in Texas is bigger and our guest proves that, with his big ideas and even bigger heart. Chip lays down simple actionable items that you can apply to your life today! He even wrote a special blog post for our Boss Free Community! 


In this episode you will discover:

  • Who started the Standing Desk Revolution 
  • How seeing a lonely man in a nursing home helped launch a movement
  • Why you need a BHAG (and what a BHAG is)
  • What is an Inverse Paranoid and how it can help you
  • How a Hug Station paid the best dividends (good for the soul)
  • Why writing down goals is so powerful
  • How Immediate Action can propel you towards your dreams
  • How being intentional can help predict the future
  • 10 things Chip learned from spending two days with Joe Polish
  • Learn the mindset trick to create a “for purpose” organization
  • Why Chip designs his week with outcomes and not a to-do list
  • The Bg Rocks parable 
  • How to develop the superpower of creating big ideas (make your brain sweat)



Words of Wisdom from Chip:

  • Don’t wait to be anointed.
  • Don’t live for the weekends.
  • We are meant for more. 




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Coming Soon - Autobiography of a Couch Potato



If any app developers would like to work on a great project, get in touch with Chip. 


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