BFS 015: Garry Wise | From Truck Drive to Entrepreneur

Wed Apr 29 2015 (34:51)

Garry Wise has written papers about finance and is currently writing his second book. As the current book is released, Garry is in the process of developing a program to help others write their own books and teach product development as well. As you follow the progress here you will find out about being a best selling author. Have you ever thought you can write your own book? You can it isn't hard especially today. With the internet and other publishing tools today. He wrote this book in literally a weekend.

Garry has worked with the finest authors And literary agents to get things done like title and cover etcetera. Garry started working with video and editing in 2010 after attending the Fire Power event and has promoted business owners using these methods. And finally Published his own book in under one week reaching Amazon number one bestseller in 3 categories within 36 hours of launch. As a result he has received 2 awards one for fast implementation and the other for amazon #1 best seller.

Garry is an avid skier and aerobatic pilot with a passion for life. He loves to write about making money. Which stems back to being brought up in very humble beginnings.To order Garry's Best Selling Book:  Write Your Own Paycheck

Here's how to connect with Garry on Social Media:

Google+: +Garry

Twitter: @gdub590







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