BFS 013 : Marcos Orozco | From Urban War Zone to Best Selling Author

Wed Apr 22 2015 (39:43)

MARCOS OROZCOFather | Entrepreneur | Author | Speaker | Best Selling Author 


Entrepreneur, Speaker and Best Selling Author Marcos Orozco is Founder of He is a thought leader for the Latino Success Movement. and very passionate about cultivating and empowering The Largest Entrepreneurial Movement in the Country.  

Marcos was Born in Nicaragua and with his family fled the post revolution oppression. From one war zone to another..he ended up in Gardena California. Considered an urban war zone, as the local Gangs fought for drug turf which resulted in mass casualties of young Black and Latino teenagers. After surviving the unforgiving streets, Marcos has evolved into a successful entrepreneur that dedicates as much time possible to his son and enjoys giving back to the community and lives with purpose.

Marcos is dedicated to elevating the consciousness of Latinos - he understands how to create money through providing massive value and really understands how abundance works


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  • Marcos asked:  Is Boss Free Society a gang?

    • No, Boss Free Society is a movement, not a gang  :)  

    • EVERYONE can live Boss Free by design

    • We do have a secret initiation --- just ask Tim (Twitter:  @bossfreetim )

      • Tim has been practicing rolling his “R’s” and next time Marrrrcos is on he will be in Latino mode :)

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