BFS 012: Carol Streit - Baby Boomers: How To Reinvent Yourself

Fri Apr 17 2015 (30:48)

Carol Streit is the best selling author of The Intention Project and founder of Growing Ovaries. As an Intention Coach she has helped many women transform their lives. She believes it’s never too late to find your voice and to live a more fulfilling life.

At age 55, Carol transformed her life. From her newly found knowledge, she learned to set intentions for the things she wanted. Her life became magical when she used the specific Intention Pages that she created. She found her soul mate, received a promotion at work on her birthday, quit her job, found her dream car, and became an author and entrepreneur. Carol is a Baby Boomer that has gone rogue and has learned to “grow some ovaries”. She enjoys travel, adventure and rock and roll!