BFS 011: Simon Smart How Men Find Balance in Life and Business

Wed Apr 15 2015 (40:04)

Simon Smart believes that effectiveness in our business, our relationships and our lives comes from powerfully integrating our mind, bodies and spirit.

Simon’s primary mission now is Warrior Protocol, a training program and community based on ancient and modern warrior technologies, which connects male entrepreneurs with their full, Level 10, Kick-Ass Warrior selves - so that they can 10x their success in business, relationships and life.


In this Episode You Will Learn:


Why Simon graduated from Law School but NEVER became a lawyer


How you can bring more of you to the moment


The Benefits of Coconut Oil


What you can learn from your Cheat Day


What is a level 10 Kick-Ass Warrior


How you can 10X your body, mind, and soul 


What your ego says about you


How building vegetable patches helped Simon discover his power 



Links and Resources from this Episode


Shambhala The Sacred Path of the Warrior


Ninjutsu Grand Master Masaaki Hatsumi 


Warrior Protocol - Presence + Power + Performance


Simon on Twitter


Simon on Facebook



Simon's Website 




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