BFS 010: How To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone - He Said She Said

Fri Apr 10 2015 (18:22)

BFS 010: How To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone / He Said She Said 

In this week's episode we have another installment of "He Said, She Said" where Tim and Patty dive into getting out of your comfort zone. A comfort zone is a place where we feel familiar and at ease. Unfortunately, as entrepreneurs we know that big growth comes from feel uncomfortable and attacking new things. 

In this episode:

Learn what Patty took away from UPW she attended in 2009 (Unleash the Power Within - Tony Robbins Seminar - Tony will be in Chicago July 16-19th!)

Hear what Tim did to get out of his comfort zone with his business at the beginning of the year.

Plus - 7 ways you can use TODAY to help you get out of your comfort zone.   

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