E-008 Ron Gelok Network Marketing Know How

Wed Apr 01 2015 (37:57)

Boss Free Society interviews Ron Gelok


Ron Gelok: Network Marketer, Top Recruiter and Skilled Online Marketer


Born an entrepreneur, Ron started his first business at the age of 11 which was lemonade stands all summer long and when business was slow he and his team sold candy bars door to door.  This made him realize that he wanted a business that was not only profitable but allowed him to work together with others while having fun.


After several years Ron is now a professional network marketer and is outwardly focused on others.  Ron is someone who wants others to be successful.  He puts his focus and energy into getting others to make money from home.  Bottom line is he gets results.

In this episode you will learn about:

  • How Ron became a professional network marketer

  • Ron’s skills and attributes that made him a successful network marketer

  • How Ron applied what he learned in skateboarding to his business

  • How Ron started business at a very young age

  • Ron’s Christian Coaching program

  • Advice from Ron

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