He Said She Said - How To Be A Morning Person - E002

Tue Feb 17 2015 (26:44)

Boss Free Society talks about becoming a Morning Person


It has been often said that successful notable Entrepreneurs have the habit of waking up early in the morning.  It lends itself to increased productivity.


We explore this concept referencing a recent book authored by #1 best selling author Hal Elrod, called The Miracle Morning.  Elrod covers the six habits to becoming a morning person that helped change his life.


Patty and Tim discuss launching a 30 day challenge to adopt this new way of starting your day.  We encourage fellow Boss Free Society peeps to join us.


Up for the challenge?  Join us at Boss Free Society Dojo where you can post how the 30 day challenge is working for you!


In this episode you will learn about:


  • 6 Habits you can focus on to become a Morning person

  • Binaural Beats for meditation

Links and resources mentioned in this episode:


Hal Elrod’s Book :  Miracle Morning


Miracle Morning on Amazon


Hal Elrod on the Miracle Morning Video

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