Boss Free Society Launch Episode - E000

Tue Feb 17 2015 (33:21)

Boss Free Society co-hosts, Tim Wambach and Patty Dominguez


Tim Wambach:  Founding member of Handicap This, President of the Keep On Keeping On Foundation, Tim was counselor for 13 years at a Summer Camp for Special Education students. Tim graduated from Northeastern Illinois University with a BA in Speech/Communications. Tim authored the book “How We Roll” in March of 2010, a book describing his relationship with Mike Berkson. Tim ran 717 miles between Orlando, FL and Chicago, IL in August of 2005 to raise awareness for Cerebral Palsy.


Patty Dominguez:  Former w2 (grew up in Fortune 50 & working in Boutique Consulting). She is now a Branding & Digital Strategist / Coach assisting solopreneurs / entrepreneurs and small businesses leverage digital media with their unique story.

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • Background of Patty & Tim  

  • Why they thought of creating a podcast

  • Their own stories and experiences before they became boss-free


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