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Have you ever failed a diet, been told you have diabetes, or even lost a loved one to cancer? What if I told you this all only happens because of a HOAX that was created on the basis of GREED! Do you want to know the sec... More

Your Doctor is full of SH** | Only listen if you are open to awareness

Ep. 88

Your doctors is full of sh**! This is my warning to you, this episode is not for a person who gets offended easily or who is not open to new thoughts because this episode is very raw and off the cuff and I just may of let me emotions get the best of me! This is the type of information we need to understand! If you do listen, stay til the end because I talk on cancer in a way that may open your eyes!


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"Please consult your doctor before...... wait wait wait... 95% of doctors do NOT know what they are talking about when it comes to your health and nutrition... They have less than 15 hours total of training in nutrition and health in school and its all on the food pyramid that was created by a politician. Let me rephrase this disclaimer: Please consult a doctor who is experienced in the fields of discussion I speak about. There are plenty, you just need to do your research in finding them.